Broadsheet Notations: Epilogue

Tang Contemporary, Bangkok
October – November, 2009

Josef Ng, Curator

“Rather then positing a structure of influence between contemporary art and the intoxicating world of specific terrains as markers of identity and existence, the exhibition attemps to record, draw attention to, or address the phenomenon of a ubiquitous material that is slowly diminishing its statue as an everyday necessity.
Our society has become more and more E-centered. Our fingers have become more prone to the nature of typing than handwriting. Our eyes are equipped to starring more at pixels rather than feeling the tactility of fiber strands – the natural element paper is manufactured from.

The exhibited artists are representative, balanced and informative. The selected artworks are distinguished by distinctive nuances, in order to transverse personal and collective experience in the artist’s exploration of ideas, making viewers distinctly aware of the thought processes undertaken within the chosen material.
There are imageries as drawn out by the inner self, the cosmic life of the body, the spiritual qualities of letters and words. There are artworks that revolve around the notion of temporary, aspect that simply mean to establish a relationship between material and image, and paradigms to indicate coincidence and co-existence between expressions.”