Sovereign Asian Art Prize

Hong Kong

Artist statement

“Still on my mind, the newspaper I read on this piece, “The Business Time”. Friday, May 15th, 2009 at Singapore. There was an article about an art exhibition. Yes, the article wrote about my solo exhibition, “Spacing Identities” at the NUS Museum, Singapore. In the art world, museum has an essential part as an institution that become the main starting point of the world fine art growth/improvement, especially the museum in Europe and the US.

Having an exhibition at a museum is a self-proofing for the artist’s career in the middle of the art world. Becoming an artist in the third world country, I keep questioning and criticizing the credibility and existency of museum as the art growth parameter. I believe that the growth of art not only happened in the US or Europe, but also in Indonesia. Then I wonder… Where am I standing at the art world? Asking my identity… Who am I?”